Electronic Collars [Good or Bad?]

In this post I’ll be discussing the pros and cons of one very opinionated training tool. The SHOCK COLLAR! Did I just scare you with those capitol letters and exclamation point? It’s true the collar is electronic but incorrect that it just delivers a painful shock. What actually happens is voltage is applied to stimulate the neck muscle causing discomfort.

It’s amazing how much hatred there is for this powerful and probably often misused training tool. Just like any training tool there is a wrong and right way to use.

Let’s start out with a couple of facts that both sides should be able to agree on.

  • Dogs have prey drive
  • There are many ways to train a dog
  • Different dogs respond to different training methods

I’m looking at all sides of this to develop my own opinion. This article has some excellent points against electronic collars. However after reading it I’m not convinced they should be banned.

Is your dog hard or soft? This is my biggest concern because I consider my dog to be soft but still believe it can greatly benefit from ecollar training. This article addresses my feelings on that. The answer is both types can benefit from the tool.

eBay has a nice neutral list of 7 things to keep in mind with a Remote Training Collar

1. Do Buy the Collar That Matches the Training Needs
2. Do Purchase Collars With Beep and Tone Mode
3. Do Explore Other Training Options
4. Don’t Buy a Collar Before Buying a Dog
5. Don’t Cause the Dog to Fear the Handheld Device
6. Don’t Use the Collar With a Leash
7. Don’t Use the Electronic Shock Unless Absolutely Necessary

#6 is a good one to keep in mind because you can confuse the dog


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